We just started carrying a line that is originally designed specifically for dancers. The fabrics are engineered to endure hours upon hours of rigorous exercise, wick endless amounts of moisture, provide extreme comfort, and all the while continue to retain its shape and form. Not only do the garments perform well under harsh exercise and heavy sweat sessions, the vast assortments of dyes are chemically bonded to the yarns, making beautiful and bright colors.

We guarantee you will be amazed by how incredibly soft, lightweight and breathable the fabrics are. We guarantee there will be absolutely no chafing or irritation from bothersome seams, and that you'll be satisfied with our immense selection of designs and colors to fit your unique personality and individual needs. These multi-functional garments are constructed to hold you in while simultaneously channeling out moisture; perfect as a base layer to help keep you smooth, supple, and dry all day. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the most skillfully designed and carefully engineered seamless garments available in the market - and world - today.